Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cleavage: I have that.

Yup. Boobies. Breasts. Sweater meat.

I got it.

Before you're tempted to feel offended, I feel the need to offer up the fact that I've lived quite happily for 27 years with my rather boyish figure. I gave up on push-up bras some time around the age of 17. Once that snow-ball got rolling it didn't stop: bras were out the window altogether by the time I finished college. And goodness, the liberation!

So for as much as I've not really minded my rather plankish form, I have to say that my new beautiful ta-tas are not to be minded either. Here's why:

1. They jiggle, for goodness sake, and that's just fun.
2. From the side, I look like the letter B, but with legs and a head. And who doesn't like the letter B?
3. I have a cute little freckle that looks quite fetching when it's sitting atop my massive cleavage.

And after waiting for this pregnancy so long, I fully intend to throw myself into the experience with joy and hopefully only a few teensy complaints (like the terrible headaches that have become my constant companion).

So if there's ever been something to feel joyful about, I think I'm there. Two babies in my belly and I've finally reached a full B cup (yup...didn't mis-type that...not C, not D, just celebrating the B here, folks!) feels like heaven.


WildRose said...

LOL!! Bring on the Boobies!!! Enjoy them once your milk comes in you feel like you have two new sista's to say the least!! You are beautiful!

Sades said...

yippee! Celebrating here too! Isn't it nice to know what the rest of woman have been living with all along! They're great, as long as you don't try to run! Trust me they won't stop growing either. Don't buy too many new bras, because you'll have to buy more again in a few months. Please send some pics!!!!!!!

Jilliane said...

You just hit on the one and only reason I would want to be pregnant...I'm still a newlywed, give me some time. But oh how I long for those boobies!