Thursday, May 3, 2007

Something Beautiful

The puppy pulled up my sticks. Most of them, anyway. What might have someday become gorgeous blooms are now scattered across my front yard in some sort of puppy-chewing heaven. All I want is something beautiful.

And my "n" key is broken on my keyboard, forcing me to pound on it multiple times before yielding any result. "N" is actually quite a popular letter, I'm finding.

I think we all have a space within us for something beautiful. Hopefully, we've got space for a lot of beauty. But sometimes when I look at the world, I think starting with just one beautiful thing would be okay. I'm trying my damnest to fill that space.

For a while, I thought I had a hole that could not be filled. Now I'm realizing there is no hole, just space. Space that grows to accomodate what I use to fill it, and then make room for more. So I'm grabbing beauty every place I bump into it and eating it up...adding it to that space. And my collection of "something beautiful" grows. I thought I wanted a single, beautiful bloom. Instead, I have a bouquet.

1 comment:

Firecracker said...

You should strive for more than a bouquet - how about a whole garden? You certainly deserve it.