Friday, June 29, 2007

Bear attacks, ice cream and shameless bragging

I've been a naughty blogger.

I think all of my fans are aware that I've got quite the readership going on. So it is to you, my 3 fans, that I apologize for being such a negligent and naughty blogger of late.

So a quick update on the eclectic effervescence that I like to believe is life.

I got a promotion. No more hemp pants at work. What I've lost in hemp pants, I've made up for in long hours. Long hours sitting at my desk and thinking, "I'm the boss. I'm the boss? I'm the boss!!!!"

Puppy is now 82 pounds. We're officially on a diet. Got scolded by vet.

Going camping tomorrow. Concerned whether our canoe will handle the 82 pound puppy, 220 pound husband, 100 pounds of beer, and massive amounts of equipment. And me. For seven miles.

Afraid a bear will eat me in the woods. Have been researching diligently. Learned that if approached by a bear, one should throw rocks and sticks at it. Hell no.

Running efforts being sabotaged by deer flies. There is no devil. Just deer flies. Have instead contemplated throwing running out the door for a couple months and replacing it with a strict regimen of Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee consumption.

Did I mention that I'm the boss???

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Anonymous said...

Hey, when are you going to update again. We are in dire need of your blog on a weekly, if not daily basis!