Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prius vs. Sentra

To my extensive fan base:

Do not give up on me yet. I think of you often. Actually, I think of my blog often. And how freaking hilarious I find myself. And what a shame it is that the world is no longer getting a weekly dose of my glory. So here's the update.

Yesterday, I was rear ended by a little old man on my way to work. Pretty sure he damaged more than a few brain cells. I wasn't actually looking to off-load any of those, but hey. So I get out of my car all upset that I've been rear ended, and he says to me, "do you know what I was doing?" and I'm thinking..."okay buck-o, maybe I just don't want to know. Maybe I'll just be content to realize that whatever it was led you straight into my trunk." Still, he was inclined to share. So he says, "I was reading the newspaper." That's the best he can do? And then I notice that I've been hit by a Toyota Prius. A really pretty blue Toyota Prius. And so I'm thinking to myself, I can't get this guy's information. He's socially AND environmentally conscious. And studious, clearly. So I let him drive off. No phone number. No name. No license plate number. And no. No insurance information.

Let's suffice to say that I got in my car afterwards and realized that perhaps my decision would rapidly be leading to regret. I'd like to think that if I'm going to let random people hit my car and then just drive away, I'd at least choose a beautiful man who had been caught up by my beauty and desperate to talk to me...not a shriveled little eco-bunny. So from now on I'm driving to work with a pen and paper on my lap in desperate hopes of catching the news hound in the Prius so I can scribble down his license plate number. Maybe I have a concussion.

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Nate said...

Finally, I can rest well knowing that April is back on her blog, don't keep us waiting so long next time. Our lives depend on your daily updates.