Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now, now

I'm watching autumn unfold around me in it's subtly brash way.

Fall makes me nostalgic. It makes me stop on a Sunday morning and watch the day laze along from coffee through sunlight and into dusk.

I love how September is a slow ride into October, picking up from a musky haze filled August and rolling out into golden fields and trees.

What strikes me the most, though, is that if you watch, you will see the beautiful and peaceful passing of a year. All that has happened, all that's been said, flutters down to the ground in one graceful, fluid fall. And within this all is growth for Spring. Each day laced with the promise of every coming moment.


Jasmine said...

We know you're a professional and all now, but surely you can find more time to right to your adoring fans.

Nate said...

April, it's not autumn anymore.