Friday, August 17, 2007


So last night after posting my blog, feeling a little delirious from wine and exhaustion, I had a really good idea.

For the past ten months, Beloved Puppy has lived in our home, and for the past ten months, I've been trying to find a way to trick Beloved Husband into letting her sleep in our bed. Success had continued to ellude me on this one. Luck would have it that I'm persistent, so despite Beloved Husband's continued protests, it hasn't shut me up. I keep pace.

So I decide that at long last, I've got the solution: hide Beloved Puppy in the bed before Beloved Husband climbs in. And then turn off the lights and pretend to sleep.

It played out like this:

Quick kiss to husband who is diligently working on computer. "Night night" and a dash down the hall to the bathroom.

Brief teeth brushing episode. Skip the floss. Splash water on face. Screw my normal 40 minute primping routine. I've got a puppy to smuggle.

Lure puppy into bedroom. Puppy seems to think I'm trying to get at her with some sort of ointment and is a bit wary. Utilize husband's sock as a tempting puppy treat. Catch puppy.

Lift.....big.....puppy.....into....ugh....bed. Breathe.

Attempt to hide puppy under covers. Climb into bed. Strategically position feet over puppy for additional camoflouge.

Fall asleep.

Enjoy small dream.

Wake up ten minutes later. Find husband removing puppy from her ingenious hiding spot.

I do not view this so much as a failure as I do an amping up of the challenge.

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Jilliane said...

Wonderful posts...Love them all!! FYI: your "puppy" weighs 90 pounds...there is no such thing as hiding her anywhere.