Sunday, January 13, 2008


Does a large Papa Gino's pizza fit the bill on a detox?

How about a bag of caramels?

Or three bottles of wine with my beautiful sister in a San Francisco hotel?

Ten tootsie rolls?

Egg and bacon breakfast sandwich lovingly cooked by my sweet husband?

How about two cheescake cannolis with honey basil sauce?

Today's detox lesson: the best detoxing isn't about food at all.


Sades said...

Good conclusion April. I actually was just reading in Women's Health about the new book, The Fertility Diet, and it encourages women trying to conceive to eat lots of fruits and vegis, whole grains, and full fat dairy products. Maybe you might want to check it out, if you haven't already. (Stonyfield and Brown Cow make so yummy full fat yogurt!)

Anonymous said...

I am working on being more mindful in life and that includes being a mindful eater. How many times have I inhaled a whole bag of chips - and didn't realize that I had done so until I realized that I was licking the crumbs out of the bottom of the bag. Now I am trying to be mindful of tastes, textures and the smell of the food. It has made eating a much more pleasant experience for me. I eat slower and am consuming less, which is a good thing. By the way, I am very happy to see that you are blogging again. Your fans missed you! Love, Skibbie.