Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi. I have a hairy belly.

I am not a hairy person.

Throughout my life, I've often been asked if I shave my arms. This is a bizarre and rather personal question. I don't go around asking random people which body parts they choose to de-hair, but apparently, something about my inviting demeanor brings forth such questions.

I do not now, nor have I ever, shaved my arms. They don't look hairy, especially from far away. But if you look closely, (which I expect you would be inclined to if you'd be so forward as to ask whether I've shaved them or not) you will see that I do have hair on my arms. It's sparse, and fairly see-through, but it's there. And in fact, it's quite long. Like, probably 2/3s of an inch long if I were to measure, which I won't.

One summer I decided not to shave my legs in order to be a more informed consumer. Cause if I'm going to choose to shave, I want to know what I'm giving up. That wasn't my prettiest summer. Apparently in addition to unnaturally long arm hair, I grow leg hair, too. And while it may be sparse, it certainly is not see through.

But overall, I've sort of led a charmed life in the hair department. No weird back hairs, no uni-brow, no lady moustache.

I think the charmed phase is coming to an end. And it scares me a little bit.

On a recent trip to the beach, the babies and I were enjoying some sun (safely, with lots of SPF and water...no lectures here). My pottish belly was all hanging out of my bikini and my loving husband had convinced me that my physique screamed "pregnant" and not "fat." So life was pretty good. And then I looked down to admire my spherical form, and came to a rude awakening.

I look like a peach.

Round, plump, and fuzzy. Those translucent, sparse, yet long hairs of my upper appendages seem to have migrated to the belly region. In no particular order. No happy trail here...just a random forest of silken strands. And should that sound sort of appealing, let me remind you, that calm forest resides on my belly.

And yet I can't find it within myself to complain. Compelled to share? Yes. Complain, never.

I've always kind of liked peaches anyway.


Sades said...

welcome to pregnancy! My bump too is blessed with a delightful peach fuzz, which seems to be most plentiful in a line from my cleavage to my pelvic bone. My loving husband has assured me that he has no problems with this, and so I am doing my best to accept this strange phenomenon as well. I have to admit I did break down and shave the longer hairs that seemed to cluster just below my belly button, and now feel a little guilty about having done so.
Just wait til your belly button pops! Now that is something to talk about!

Anonymous said...

You are tooo funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Can I also add that the summer you stopped shaving your legs I think you were banned from a certain camp?

Anonymous said...

I don't like peaches...

I still love you!

WildRose said...

Okay well to set your mind at ease, soon enough your belly will be so big you will not be able to see all the hair!! Which I found to be a GREAT thing!! LOL!! How wonderful!

poppy.f.seed said...

peach is a good way to think of it!

And, as for comments. I thought the (unwritten)blog etiquette rule was to visit the blogs of people who comment on you.