Monday, May 24, 2010


Using the facilities used to be a private matter in our house.

I liked that privacy.

There was a time in life when I would have assured you that there was nothing, nothing, that would ever cause me to let go of that privacy.

Enter Rhys and Quin.  Both literally and figuratively.  Into the bathroom.  Where I am.

They stagger in teetering like dizzy drunks with big toothy smiles and triumphantly signing, over and over again, POTTY!  POTTY!  POTTY!

I am SO glad we taught them to sign, so that in situations like this when I think that perhaps my dignity is still fully intact because after all, they are so young and still in diapers thus they do not use the POTTY - I can learn that in fact, my dignity is in shreds.  Yes.  Mommy is on the potty.

And I'll be damned if I know what to do while I'm sitting there, otherwise indisposed, and one of them falls and bumps his head on a corner and is now crying to be picked up.  Now mommy is on the potty and Quin is on her lap.

At which time it is only fair that Rhys discovers toilet paper.  And this toddler who is still learning coordination somehow manages to unravel the entire roll onto the floor before I've even figured out how to reach an arm out in a weak attempt to stop him.  Now mommy is on the potty and Quin is on her lap and Rhys is on the floor in a pile of toilet paper that mommy needs and cannot reach.

I've changed my mantra.

It now goes like this.

Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated. I bet Kyle is pooping in peace at work.  Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.  Would anyone find out if I started stashing a bottle of vodka in here? Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.  Privacy is overrated.


Daryl said...

Sub two cats for the twins and that's my morning .. I am sort of glad my cats cant sign

and amazingly WV is unpoos .. I swear .. and I believe it needs no explanation

Melissa said...

I just read yesterday that apparently unrolling toilet paper helps them to develop important motor skills! So I guess you have to let them in there :)

Hanneke Nelson said...

Privacy... Hmmm, I have a very vague recollection of that. In about 10 years, possibly sooner, is will be them that want the privacy. Hang in there until then!

Christine Gram said...

Can relate. We have the smallest bathroom... I can touch all four walls at the same time... and yet, my two children AND my husband manage to squeeze in there to talk to me while I'm pooping. I must admit that I've had incidents of momentary insanity during which I screech "get out!!" and then smile.