Monday, May 3, 2010


The babies are on a strike.  Actually, one baby is on a strike, the other crosses the picket line daily.

Babies, I have found, are fond of exercising their right to strike, especially when unionized as in the case of any and all sets of multiples.  In the past fifteen months, we've had nap strikes, poop strikes, nighttime-sleep strikes, walking strikes, and independent-play strikes.

As a member of executive management on this parental team, I've become a master at negotiating peaceful resolutions, which might come in handy right about now, since our latest strike is a biggie: food strike.

While Quin eats every last bite of food that crosses his path, Rhys has become quite exacting in his food standards.  Slowly, he has whittled his formerly diverse diet down to one favored food - banana.  All other foods are meticulously cast over the edge of his highchair tray and onto the floor, where at the conclusion of every meal, Quin and Bella hover, sharing delectable discarded morsels.

It's been a steady and slippery slope.  First he (Rhys) cut out egg - one of his favorite foods, second only to the wondrous banana.  Then it was toast.  Then oatmeal.  And so on.  If I am crafty and incredibly casual, sometimes I will have a short-lived bout of success at breaking his strict "bananas only" rule.  He'll nibble my toast, or have a bite of melon.  Before I even get my hopes up, he is puckering his face and dramatically wiping his tongue off with his pudgy hand.  I find myself wondering if humans can live on a diet comprised almost solely of bananas.    I find myself feeling more thankful than ever that he is still nursing.  I find myself wondering how many bananas it will take to push us back into poop-strike territory.

And here's the big deal: I'm not worried.  

Strike negotiations haven't commenced.  He wins.  

Don't get me wrong - I have certainly noticed  this new trend.  I've talked about it with other parents.  And here I am writing about it. 

But I haven't run to the internet, or one of the several options in my vast baby book library, to get advice.  I know it is a phase.  I get it.  I know it will pass.

If I didn't know any better, I might even say I'm relaxed.

Break out the red pens and fill in my report card, please.  The comments section will now read: "is a relaxed and confident mother." 


Okay.  So maybe we happen to have our fifteen month well-baby visit this Thursday.  So what if the banana-issue is at the top of my painfully long list of questions for the pediatrician.   I want my damn gold star.  


Anonymous said...

My twin boys are 21 months. We recently went through a double food strike where all they would eat was Kashi TLC fruit bars, or "fubar" as they call them. It passed, and now they are back to devouring everything in sight. I wish I could say I wasn't worried about it, but I was. Especially since their poop started smelling like apple fruit bars.

Jilliane said...

As a mother now, I can relate to "feeding issues." Your boys are perfect. You will always get a gold star from me. Now send one my way will ya? I could use a self-esteem boost.

Sades said...

Yes, Audrey survived a while just on grapes, and seemed to make it through unharmed. I figure some babies do nothing but breastfeed, actually many, at this point so it really isn't a big deal at all. Although, I have to say I made a big breakthrough in the food world when I started offering dips. Vegis or crackers with hummus, chicken with dressing or tomato sauce, fruit with peanutbutter and yogurt (easier to dip than peanut butter alone). Just a suggestion, which you probably already employ. Can't wait to snuggle those little guys this summer.

Daryl said...

I only drank milk (regular out of a container) and ate small bites of baby lamb chops for 6 months at age 18 mos., I was told this when I gave up meat. I was 17 when I gave up meat, I havent gone back but my mom was sure it wouldnt last long. That was my first food obsession, its continued (I dont mean to scare you but some of us just get into these obsessions) .. there was the only tuna/mayo period, the american cheese and white bread period, there were others through the years. The most recent was a 3 yr every dinner had to have broccoli .. I dont eat broccoli now .. at all ..

I say go with the flow, the doctor will likely tell you the same ...

Betsy B. Honest said...

Good for you, mama. I don't get worked up about food strikes either. I probably would but a friend of mine cautioned me to always look at my kid's bodies before becoming alarmed that they are "starving." Are they chubby and racous? Not starving... None of em have starved yet!

mamapoekie said...

Love how you write!
Bananas are actually quite nutrious, so he could have picked worse :)