Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I learned pride tonight
here when I thought I knew it all along

but that on the face of my baby son
blowing bubbles in the bath water

half the time taking accidental gulps

all for my applause -

unabashed wild smile
and a sparkle in his eye

I want him to always be this free
and acutely unaware

my torn open heart again and again

be careful, so careful.

These are beautiful tiny humans and all that that entails.


Daryl said...

So now I hope you are printing these out and saving them so you can do a book .. and use your mom's photos to go with

Deb said...

SO happy that you are writing poetry again. This one did make me teary. I can just see his proud little face, wet, looking up at you. And...I love Daryl's idea. :)