Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, Freecycle, how do I quit you?

I hoard Freecycle emails.

I have belonged to two local Freecycle groups for well over a year. And yet I've never given anything and never taken anything.

Once I tried to get a Canadian rocker for the nursery, and once I tried to get some rocks. The rocks were not for the nursery.

I get about six Freecycle emails per day. They drive me crazy. Mostly because I'm compelled to read each one, lest I should pass up the opportunity for something really good. Like rocks, which I definitely actually have right outside my very own door.

Every time I realize that I should remove myself from the Freecycle mailing list, I'm hit with an overwhelming wave of panic over what I might be passing up the next time my neighbor decides to offload some of their crap to somebody else.

But I don't need their crap. I don't want it, either.

I have too much of my own. Not like one of those crazy families from Oprah whose garage is secretly filled to the brim with granola bars and beach balls. Just a typical American collection of STUFF. And sometimes, I have the overwhelming urge to just go through my house and start throwing things away.

Because lately, as I fight the urge to bring out my inner Kate Gosselin and demand that my home remain absolutely meticulous at all costs, I am finding that STUFF is wreaking havoc on my dreams of clean.

I refuse to let my husband take off to France with a much younger girlfriend and start wearing Ed Hardy garb. Which basically means my only other option is to get rid of STUFF so that I can simplify and reach a higher standard of clean without having to get all crazy bitch-ish.

Here's where I start:

Freecycle emails are going into a special folder. I will not read them. But Freecycle gets all the STUFF that eBay doesn't want.

STUFF, be warned. Get useful, or get out.


Tessie said...

April - I promised I would only "OFFER" on far so good! I haven't collected anymore "STUFF" that I don't need!
- Tessie

Amy said...

I have given away much more than I have picked up. I think of it as a responsible citizen and only take what I need, generally stuff I have listed as WANTED. I've never taken any random stuff that others list.

Adrienne said...

oooh, if I lived closer I would so come help you get rid of stuff- I love doing it. You're going to feel so good when you get rid of things! I'm getting a little bit of a contact high just thinking about you doing it!

Sorry, little bit of my crazy just came out there...

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

do you know you can change your email preference to daily digest format so you only get one per day?

also, I actually got your husband an Ed Hardy t-shirt, hoodie and matching beach towel for his birthday. I thought he'd love it...should I return it??

Deb said...

Umm...your father really wanted those free rocks that were offered on Freecycle. I feel the same way about the Amazon Deal of the Day email I receive each morning. I have yet to buy one of the items but I just can't take myself off the email list. There are worse things we could be addicted to though such as...Wendy's spicy grilled chicken sandwich! Happy reorganizing and decluttering!

Halala Mama said...

I stay on Freecycle for just that reason..getting rid of stuff. Sometimes though, Freecycle doesn't work for that - my network is TOO big and it all gets lost in the shuffle. I also put some free stuff on Craigslist and it typically goes right away.

Daryl said...

I just finished packing up all the crap, erm, treasures accumulated on the shelves and under the desk and on the mantle so the painting of the room can be completed . I am tossing a lot of those 'memory keepsakes' because I dont remember why I saved them!

Maybe you want to look thru my shit and see if you want it .. I am definitely paring down/tossing