Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear Ellen DeGeneres,

I am a fan. And I know you appreciate your fans.

So. Right now, I am watching as you sit RIGHT NEXT to Mary Murphy as you guest judge on SYTYCD.

Please. Please! I implore and I beg: Punch her in the larynx. America loves you and thinks you are funny. They will think a good solid larynx punch is funny too.

Have courage, Ellen. Millions of desperate Americans are counting on you.

Punch her in the larynx!

Yours Truly,

A loyal fan.


Adrienne said...

hear hear!

Hilary said...

lol.. darn.. I missed Ellen? It's like the irresistible force/immovable object thing. I'm a huge Ellen fan.. but can not stand that shrieky woman. What to do? Youtube on mute?

Daryl said...

Who is Mary Murphy and what is SYTYCD ... okay not important ..