Monday, September 21, 2009

Copious amounts of snot.

So lately I've indulged in a little light bragging about the health of my children. Perhaps I am a bit sensitive about having had them two months early, but it seems the expectation is that preemies would be constantly sick and frail and snotty-nosed. But mine are not.

Aside from our initial stint in the NICU, the babies have been healthy for the larger part of eight months. We had a blip of a cold that lasted a day this spring, but that was it. And since I have two babies, that's like sixteen cumulative months of health. So I've been all, "Go me and my miraculous healseveryailmentbringitonH1N1you'vegotnothingontheseboobies breast milk."

Nobody likes a brag.

So of course what happened next is that we all got sick.

Rather than spending my week recounting our thrilling adventures to the Internet, I've instead been working on developing my bulb-syringe skills. And wondering if I'm the only mother who has to sit on her infant to create even the slightest chance of a successful nose/syringe interaction. And popping homeopathic cold remedies into the babies' mouths like Skittles.

Consider me humbled.


MainelyMama said...

I've developed a good hold technique for the aspirator using the arm and elbow wrap around. I'll have to make a video or demonstrate when I see you next. ;) Are you using the Hylands sniffles remedy? It's known as George Medicine at our house b/c of Curious George being on the label. That makes it far more appealing to the toddler age set just FYI. Hope you're all feeling better soon!!!!

NiNi Bambini said...

Don't forget to hold the other nostril closed!!

Sades said...

Despite my best attempt at a half nelson, I never get more than a near poked out eye if I try to go at it by force. I have found a better thing to do is stand up, holding Audrey, and then find something really distracting (look at daddy juggling, or the deer outside) and then sneak in a suck. I do not have nearly enough hands to hold the other nostril closed either.
If you are willing to risk it, you can also do it while they are sleeping, or nursing if they will let you.

freckletree. said...

Ooooooh, so sorry. Sucks. We went through that not long ago.

I always wished myself sick-- really sick-- debilitating sick-- because then I could sleep, right?

Wrong. Surprise! You have twinfants! The only difference is that you have to take care of two sick babies while feeling like shit.

So my new goal is to get put in the hospital. Just for a week or so . . .

WannabeMommy said...

Ah, their first cold. I'm sure it must totally suck, but it had to happen sooner or later, right? Think of all the wonderful antibodies they're building!

Good luck on getting over this asap.

Daryl said...

OY ... but think how prepared you will be when this becomes an Olympic sport!

Parsing Nonsense said...

I've found that using the bulb syringe like a puppet works wonders on babies' receptiveness toward the sucker.

Good luck getting better!