Thursday, September 10, 2009


While we were on our totally awesome and relaxing and you-should-be-jealous-of-its-fabulousity camping trip, Quin cut his first tooth. A tooth!

It is razor sharp and adorable. I'm waiting for him to bite a nipple off, and in my head have been practicing saying "NO" in a gentle yet firm voice. We'll see.

Would I bite you, Mama?

Rhys is also teething, although seems quite far from actually sprouting any teeth. Either way, I've been trying to be especially mindful and appreciative of these last few weeks of big, toothless grins.

These new days of teething have led to my becoming acquainted with a little product that moms-in-the-know have affectionately nicknamed "Baby Crack." Stop being horrified and just agree that it's funny.

Apparently the box itself provides some teething relief.

I know, I know. Good mothers do NOT allow their babies to chew on packaging.

My babies are seven months old. They are beautiful and growing. Looking through these pictures with Kyle tonight, we kept looking at each other and saying, "We MADE them!" Holy crap. We made beautiful little people.

My little Bee, Quin.

Rhys, my little Bear.


Sades said...

They are getting so big, and so different from when I last saw them. Audrey is getting her top 4 front teeth now, but didn't get the first bottom 2 until 8 months. I miss them, give them lots of snuggles from their Aunt.

Deb said...

All I want for Christmas is pictures, lots of them, of those big toothless grins. And continue to enjoy each moment, celebrate each benchmark! xo

Daryl said...

Gorgeous ... hey back in the day moms in the know rubbed booze on their baby's gums .. and no one ever died of chewing on cardboard ..

Sarah F said...

They are beautiful!! Ava has two cute little teeth now. Caleb still has none. I have had my nipple bit many times alreday with her sharp little teeth when I tell her NO she just smiles!

Joy said...

teething tablets . . .hmmm . . . i am not in the know, please put me there. we've got the chewing on cardboard down, unfortunately the girls' book collection is serving more than just an educational purpose as of late. we are almost eight months and teething with twins is becoming just like everything else with twins. just fabulous right? maybe you should keep your hammer handy when breastfeeding, just as a warning . . . . i've found that an unrehearsed scream of pain has kept my Zadie from becoming a nipple piercer. And Lydia doesn't want my boobies anymore. sniff. sniff.

Lindsay Bounds said...

After teh day I had with my teething 3.5 month old, and reference to anything as effective as 'crack' had me running to the store. The teething seems to have slowed, or at least stopped torturing her at the moment, but you should know, I have these teething tablets stowed safely in my cabinet for the day when the sharp little monsters really start bugging her, so thanks for that.