Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cost-Benefit Analysis


we sacrifice


the greater



Lauren said...

at least you have two babies as an excuse for your dead plants April. I kill plants just by looking at them.
The boys look super cute, and big! I love the thing 1, thing 2 shirts, my dad used to call my brother and I by those names. and I also like the leg warmers, that must make diaper changes easier.

Sades said...

So sweet, and well worth the sacrifice. Miss you guys, show the boys pictures of their Auntie Sadie, Uncle Nate and cousin Audrey.

Sarah F. said...

Love it, so cute!! I love the onesies that is what the ulrta-sound operator called our little dots the first time we saw them at 6 weeks. Love the post!!!

Christa said...

haha we have those shirts... and the plants!

Daryl said...

Oh those leggings .. and those faces .. makes me want to kiss them over and over til they giggle

freckletree. said...

I couldn't agree more.

Neither could my grandmother who comes over to babysit the plants once a week.