Wednesday, June 25, 2008

E-Day Update

I will probably write more about this experience later, but for now, just the short and sweet version (then I will go rest with my baby embryos).

But I promise that sometime soon I will share my mortifying story of realizing, as I sat on the operating table, the little fact that I had forgotten to remove my underwear. Kind of makes it hard to get at the goods with my pink Vicky's in the way.


Transferred two embryos of "excellent" quality. Had one of the nicest nurses on earth. Froze four more excellent embryos. Pretty sure that these embryos are Claudette and Whitey, they were really fighters.

Finally, our beautiful, beautiful embryos.


Debbie said...

These are the cutest little embryos I have ever seen. Whitey does have Kyle's ears and Claudette has your eyes and chin! Keep those feet up, rest, rub your uterus, and enjoy this moment.

Jilliane said...

I want to hold them NOW!

Christa said...

April- they are beautiful & perfect!