Monday, June 2, 2008

A Little IVF Haiku

needles and vials
pierce flesh
life still grows

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Pam said...

April Honey - I found your blog from the link on your mom's - I wish there was something I could do for you! Would you mind if I forwarded your link to my niece - she is 39 years old, tried and tried to get pregnant for years, went through all the embarrassing tests, went through invetro several times (a few took for a while but didn't work out), spent a fortune. She was told all different reasons why she couldn't get pregnant - none that really made any sense to her (one story I heard was that she was allergic to her husbands sperm?) Anyway - very long story short she gave up after about ten years of trying, adopted two boys and at 39 years old just had a baby boy on May 31st. If anyone could have any words of advice it would be her - she went through an awful lot (as you are now) She now feels she has a miracle baby! Don't give up and keep the faith. Let me know if I can forward your link and e-mail address to her? Love - Pam