Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I have a slippery pulse.

That is what my acupuncturist says.

And that, my friend, is a good thing.

For those of you less inclined to stick needles into your flesh, acupuncturists use the pulse as the primary way to diagnose and treat patients. The slippery pulse is often the earliest sign of pregnancy in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My pulse is slippery.

Driving home from her office, I encountered my first pregnancy test craving. Then I let it go.

And it sounds dramatic, now, because the next thing I knew, I was surrounded by sweet and gentle hope.

Not the anxious, hungry, yearning hope for things like raises and good weather. Instead, the hope you feel when you've driven a long way to the ocean, and finally step out of the car onto the soft damp sand. Sunlight cresting on the horizon, spilling over and over again onto the brilliant water.

My feet are in the sand. My pulse is slippery.


Anonymous said...

That sounds very encouraging. I have my fingers crossed for good news!

Christa said...

A slippey pulse? Sounds good to me!! Good luck... Monday will be here beforeyou know it!

ChaCha said...

Okay, I know this is really wierd, but... I was at my acupuncturist yesterday for a fertility treatment and just before I left at 4pm she told me with a smile that I had a "slippery pulse"... I came home and looked up "slippery pulse" and "chinese medicine" online and found your post - same day, same time! I have no idea who you are or anything about you, but I have my fingers crossed for us both!!

Debbie said...

A slippery pulse? Well, just don't let society push you down the slippery slope of fear and negativity. Focus on the positives in your life ~ stick your little chin out ~ rub your uterus and enjoy this moment.

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and even some of my hobbit like toes.

weird about chacha, not me I swear, I am only Juan, and sometimes,

-Mr. Danger

Anonymous said...

thank you for your post on "slippery pulse" I was just diagnosed with a slippery pulse and am hoping it is a good sign! Been going through a year of various fertility treatments.
Best Wishes, Hopeful reader

Jo said...

ChaCha - exactly the same thing just happened to me :)

I was just diagnosed with 'slippery pulse' as well... and I KNOW. I just know. This is a huge journey for me.

Wow, just saw the date... this is old, huh?!

Anonymous said...

WOW... so funny to find this! 9 years ago I knew this doctor who specialized in Chinese medicine. She was my teacher and I was always a great student. All of a sudden she noticed me always sleepy and somehow different. She made me give her my right wrist and checked my pulse. She then checked the left one. She smiled really wide and told me I was pregnant and that it was a boy. I didnt believe a word of it, but she told me I had a slippery pulse... low and behold my "slippery pulse" is almost 9 years old now! LOL! So good luck to all your slippery pulses!!!!