Monday, May 25, 2009

Bunny heads.

I'm supposed to be cleaning my house right now.  I promised myself I would clean today.

Instead, I'm sitting here with one baby sleeping on my lap, the other sleeping in the swing.  This is my slow transition to scheduled nap time.  In a crib.  We're taking baby steps.  I'm on the step called "any damn sleep will do."

I have two little toy bunny blankets shoved inside my bra.

I'd first like to point out that while these little toy bunny blankets are very cute, there's no way to describe them without making them sound horrifying.  I wanted the babies to each have a "lovey," or, less cutely, a "transitional object" to help them self-soothe during separations.  Like nap time.  Cause I keep my eye on the ball.

For mother's day, I got a gift card to  I thought and thought about what I wanted to buy.  Each time I'd visit, I'd start by checking out running watches or Bare Minerals makeup (I'm intrigued) and land on baby clothes and baby toys.  So I did the martyr mother thing.  I used my mother's day gift to buy the babies loveys.  Organic loveys, because really, everything is better when it's organic. Each lovey consists of a soft terrycloth bunny head attached to a flannel blanket.  Apparently, these "transitional objects" are going to soothe my babies when I'm away.  I'm not sure which part of the animal head sewn onto a blanket is supposed to remind my babies of their loving mama.

Hence the bunnies in my bra.  What I lack in resemblance to a bunny head, I intend to make up for in scent.

I'm hoping that if somebody shows up at my door, I remember to remove the bunnies prior to answering it.

I'm also clinging to the hope that these bunnies will help my babies to sleep - if only just a little.  But I'm also hoping that they will help my babies feel like mama is with them when I'm at work.

I've gone back to work.

My heart is broken.


Daryl said...

Oh April ... one day soon you will be posting about how worried you are that they will be carrying their lovies (here we call them nudgies) as they walk down the aisle .. they wont tho my cousin Fred was so enamoured of his nudgie which was a blanket he carried it everywhere like Schoeder in Peanuts .. when he started school Aunt Roz cut it down into a piece small enough for Fred to keep in his pocket ... oh and I am sure he didnt have it in his pocket when he got married ...

Parsing Nonsense said...

Oh, going back to work would be so hard! Good for you for doing whatever you can to help your babies transition, I bet they'll love cuddling up to those soft fuzzy bunnies.