Wednesday, May 27, 2009


There's a quote in the movie 28 Days (the one where Sandra Bullock goes to rehab) that says something like, "get a plant.  If it's still alive in a year, get a pet.  If it's not dead in a year, you can start a relationship.  And if you don't kill that, you can think about having kids."  I saw the movie a long time ago and I think at this point I've totally butchered the quote.  And since this post is totally based on that quote, I thought I should try to portray it accurately.  I went online and searched a thousand different ways.  No luck.  Finally, I tried "28 days I killed the plant"  No luck.  I did, however, find many results on how to keep marijuana plants alive.


This quote has been in my mind lately because I seem to have taken a hacksaw to that advice.  Now granted, the quote is aimed at Sandra Bullock as a recovering addict and how she should approach commitment and responsibility in the outside world.  But still.  It's kinda good advice.  So while my worst addiction is my current sugar habit, it seems like a sound plan to follow.

And through the natural course of life, follow I did.  Over the years I accumulated and nurtured numerous plants.  All thriving, I took on various pets and eventually my loving husband.  And now babies.

It seems, however, that something funny happened once these little babies arrived.  I seem to have lost the ability to maintain all that came before.

First I gave up watering my plants.  Because seriously, philodendron, have a little patience.  I've got babies here.

Next I killed my composting worms.  Combination overfeeding, followed by underfeeding, followed by three days in the rain and probable flooding inside my Can O' Worms.  It was an accidental negligence, and I feel very badly.  As an oh-so-helpful family member recently pointed out, the worms were my responsibility, it was my choice to take them in, and my lack of care led to their untimely deaths.  I get it.  Thanks.

My lovable puppy is still alive.  Probably because it is husband's job to provide food and water.  He multi tasks better these days.  But she is depressed, and wondering when mommy will be fun again.

Husband is okay.  Patient, yes.  Tired, yes.  But okay, yes.

I don't want my puppy to feel lonely.  I don't want dead worms and plants.

It's just that they're babies.  My babies.  For just this once.  I have no choice but to make choices.  The babies are flourishing.

I am stretched thin.

Motherhood?  I'm catching on.


Daryl said...

SO I tried to fund that quote for you since I am a puzzle solver and guess what? When I typed the quote into Google, I got a link to your blog .. who said we dont live in a Mobius Strip?

I think benign neglect is not such a bad thing ... and I am also thinking the dog will definitely forgive your temporary transfer of total affection to the boyz ... but an occasional scratch behind the ears would go a long way ..

Another great post .. I am telling you these should be saved for a book .. or a newspaper column

Parsing Nonsense said...

You're doing the best you can, as long as your babies are flourishing you're doing your job. You'll get the hang of this, just stick with it!

Deb said...

Well. I never really liked that philodendron plant anyway. It was kind of stringy. And if you remember I gave you the worms as a Christmas gift so they weren't really truly your choice plus I have a gadzillion big juicy worms in my garden right now which I will share with you. Now on the subject of your puppy. She does love you - even when you are tired and cranky. She just might be your best friend somedays. With a little bit of love, attention and snacks life will be back to normal between you and Bella. And your babies ~ oh, how they are flourishing in all aspects. I can see the love they feel for you in their eyes and vice versa. You have caught on. Welcome to the world of motherhood.

G the V said...

That dog is so easy to love, and for those same reasons she drives me nuts. Dont feel bad in about 116weeks she will have two rugged boys to chase around.

Anonymous said...

I think the first 5 months are the hardest. As soon as the boys can sit up you will find that things get a lot easier. A baby who can sit up and play with their toys is much happier. I think that all changes when they can crawl, but it is a nice break for moms.

Bella will survive I'm sure. Just make sure to throw her a wheat/corn/dairy free bone every once in a while!