Friday, June 19, 2009

Naughty Mommy

I had a frappe.  A big, delicious, foamy vanilla frappe.

Rhys and Quin spent the next two days blowing chunks.  I would use the more refined term "spitting up," but that gives the impression of something almost delicate, and definitely watery.  The yellow curds and clumps that spurted from their poor little mouths were not delicate, nor were they watery.

Dairy allergy?  Confirmed.

Interesting, because I asked our doctor at the last visit if there was any test that could be performed to confirm such an allergy, and she said no.  Apparently what she meant is that there is no humane test.  But inhumane, weak-willed mother tests?  Totally exist.

It is my sincere hope that the memory of my sweet babes bathed in vomit will last me through the summer and its wistful ice cream season, and that this memory will dissuade me from another weak moment where I gorge myself on the evil delights of dairy.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I am supremely excited to say that I HAVE found some worthy alternatives to delicious food that I now cannot eat.  The most heavenly and amazing of these alternatives is Pure Decadence Coconut Milk Soy Free and Dairy Free Frozen Dessert.  Or, in more succinct terms, coconut milk ice cream.  Holy Wow.  I don't care if you're allowed all the ice cream you can stomach.  Try this stuff.  It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I would eat it even if I were allowed dairy.  It's that good.  And I am not a "substitutions" kinda girl.  Margarine?  Sucks (and, it just so happens, is not any healthier than butter.)  Sugar substitutes?  I spit on you.     Tofurky?  You're not fooling me.  Give me the damn bird.  But Pure Decadence?  Pure, and decadent.

In addition to my rapidly growing addiction to coconut milk ice cream, I've also managed to develop quite the palate for lactation cookies.  These call for butter, which I'm now substituting with coconut oil.  Coconuts kind of rock my world these days.  If you are a person who is currently lactating, thinking of lactating, or not lactating at all, I HIGHLY recommend these cookies.  They are delicious.  And kind of healthy.  And I ate 15 today.  Really.  Actually maybe more.

Because I know you're wondering, let me quench your thirst for more knowledge about these intriguing morsels:

Yes, they increase milk supply.

No, you will not develop breasts or miraculous lactation just by eating them.  Ask my husband.

If you're going to make them, and I highly suggest it, don't cook them for more than 8 minutes.  They should look kind of raw and puffy when they come out of the oven.  They'll set up.

I'm searching for a good closing line.  Maybe a little wisdom to impart.  But really?  I'm drinking a Guinness and thinking about food.  That's my wisdom for now.  Guinness and food.

And I should mention.  I'm writing this post in advance for future publishing.  So if it's time stamped something like 9AM, please try to convince yourself that I have not yet resorted to pouring Guinness on my morning granola.  Although I think that would be pretty heavenly.


Daryl said...

Not really a coconut lover but I am going to look for it in our not-really-a-Supermarket (do not believe NYC has everything, we do not have SUPER markets)because I am thinking it might be less calories than Hagan Daas ... might being the key word.

Jasmine said...

Rice dream's Moon Pies are pretty damn good too.

Anonymous said...

My friend with a dairy free baby has told me she goes through pints of that stuff.


Parsing Nonsense said...

Oh goodness, I'm not sure I want to imagine a life without dairy! I will try those lactation cookies, though, YUM!

Leah, Jessy, Kelsey and Emma said...

I don't know how you do it April! I would die without diary!

sarah said...

You are so great! I am lacking in the milk supply department (actually I think Henry just eats like CRAZY but whatever, there are times he can't get enough, and that bothers me) and I LOVE oatmeal choc. chip cookies. WIN WIN!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts! We feel your pain. . . and you are much stronger than I. . . I think my nursing (pseudo nursing) is over and I am too weak! Start Stong for thos adorable little guys!

Amy (& Sophie)

Bess said...

Do they really work? I'm willing to try anything rather than take my yucky tasting (but extremely effective) More Milk Plus, I'm currently writing a post about its nastiness. Cute blog!

April said...

Daryl - Not sure about the calories, but it's definitely lower in fat. I'm addicted. Let me know what you think if you try it.

Jas - I'll have to try those!

Sadie - I thought I was the first to discover it...but good to know others are enjoying!

Parsing Nonsense - I dare you NOT to eat twelve a day. They're GOOD.

Leah - I cheat!

Sarah - I hope they work for you. There's a lot you can try to help supplement...dark beer, oats, lactation teas. All things I enjoy.

Amy - Enjoy your return to cheese...have something really good for me!

Bess - I do believe they work. Have you tried Mother's Milk tea? That also comes in handy. Good luck!