Friday, June 5, 2009

A few follow ups to recent posts because you're obviously hanging on the edge of your seat in wonder.

I finished the jar of frosting I was working on, although it took me a little longer than expected. Incidentally, I still have three Cherry Dr. Pepper's in the fridge.

I ran my 5K. Neither of my breasts dislodged from their home on my chest, and nobody got me confused with Pam Anderson. I held a solid 12 minute mile for a total time of 35 minutes and 26 seconds. I scowled at all of the 90 year old ballerina gazelles who beat me. The beer was smooth, malty, and really everything I'd hoped for.

My house has moved up from dump status. I'd now probably classify it as a pig sty. I did, however, throw away the box of used wipes containing the dried poop particles, and that felt pretty uplifting. On the downside, there is a bag of rotting shrimp (raw, mind you) in my garbage. Does. Not. Smell. Good. Yet do you see me taking out the trash? Or writing a post?

I miss my TV. I totally miss it. And probably called that one a bit early, since it had been gone for about two seconds when I erringly bragged about being all wholesome and not missing it.

The babies are even more beautiful every single day.



Daryl said...

Oh peek-a-boo .. so sweet ..

Congrats on the run, who cares who beat you .. you ran. YOU did it. THAT is what counts. WOOT WOOT for April!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you drink that beer slowly savoring every sip or did your down in two swallows?

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable! There Auntie Sadie wants to see more pictures, so you better get on that! Miss you guys.

Grade A said...

Your babies ARE more beautiful every day. Congratulations on your run and thank you for your honesty. It makes the rest of us feel human.

Jilliane said...

The post is great, but lets talk about these photos. WOW! Someone might be a photographer/writer in the making. I love their eyes. They tell a story of happiness and love. And I can't get over how different they are. It is truly amazing. Can't wait to snuggle them when we get home!